Common Garage Door Problems in the Winter


With the extreme weather conditions in winter and the drop in temperatures, many things go wrong about the house, not to exclude garage doors and openers. Many problems occur commonly with garage doors and openers in winter and it is better to understand them and prepare yourself beforehand. By knowing these problems and how to solve them, you can spend your winter with peace of mind, lounging by your fireplace. Following is a list of the most common problems compiled by our experts at A Plus Garage Doors. Please give us a call if you have any garage door repairs that need fixing, we service all of Baldwin County with affordable rates, in the Eastern Shore area please call 251 626-0773 and in the South Baldwin area please call 251 971-3331.
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5 Tips to Make Your Garage Door Live a Long Full Live

garage doors

We at A Plus Garage want to offer these Money Safety Tips to You our Customers and Future Customers to help your Garage Doors to last hopefully for a long period of time. It, however, is a good idea to have your garage doors checked yearly by a garage door professional to insure they are working properly and have no potential safety hazards. Please give us a call when you need an inspection or repairs we service all the Eastern Shore and Baldwin County area with affordable rates. Our number in Daphne is 251 626-0773 and in Foley  251 971-3331.
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