Fun Facts about Your Garage



We all have a love hate relationship with our garages. We love that they provide a safe haven for our cars and give us space to store things free. But when they get all junked-up, we hate the mess we have to deal with.

Most homeowners understand the fact that their garage is an important part of their home. One, from a curb appeal factor, it can add value to your home. Also, it can be added security to your main entrance into your home.

We at A Plus Garage Doors realize that as important as it may be, we don’t give it a lot of thought. So we thought that we would share some interesting facts about it that you may enjoy.

  • First let’s look at where the word “garage” came from. It is from the French word “garer” which means “to shelter.”
  • They keep growing is size, nearly 20% of all garages built today are large enough to store 3 cars.
  • 71% of us use it as our front door.
  • The first overhead door was invented in 1921 by C.G. Johnson, he also invented the first automatic garage door opener in 1926. What is funny here, is that it took nearly 40 years for this to become a popular and commonplace item to have for your garage.
  • In 1915, it only comprised 8% of the square footage of a home. Today the average is 45% of an average home. Many home renovations include taking the original garage as additional living area.
  • There have been many great bands that started out in a garage. They include the Beatles and Metallica. As well as several major corporations started there also. They include such names as Apple, Walt Disney, and Google. Who knows, you may come up with your own great invention while working in your garage.

We at A Plus Garage Doors know that this information is probably trivial. But we hope that it lightened your day somewhat, from all the day to day activities you may experience that may be of more of a serious nature.  If you are shopping for new garage doors, openers, or just need repairs, please call us for an affordable pricing. We have been helping people in Baldwin County for many years. There is no job too large or too small that we would be glad to handle for you. Please call us in Eastern Shore at 251 626-0773 and in South Baldwin County at 251 971-3331, if we can help.

Garage Door Technology



garage door technology


As the American home has continued to evolve with the speed of new technology, so has the garage door technology. In order to keep up with the everyday busy live styles of homeowners and the need for these homeowners to spread out and utilize all the space within their homes, garages have become a new frontier for functioning space within the home.

Your garage is normally your main entranceway into your home. The garage door and its opener are imperative to the security of your home. Garage Doors and Openers have improved dramatically in the last decade.

Look at a few new options that are available.


Control your garage door from anywhere in the world

Garage door openers are now high-tech. You can purchase an opener that can open the door from inside your home, while you are at the office, and even when you are halfway across the world by using your computer or smart phone to access the door.  This technology allows you to monitor whether the door is open or closed, and allows you to operate it from a remote location. This is nice when you need to allow someone into your home. Your garage door may actually serve the purpose of your locked back door. Since many of us don’t even lock that door when leaving home, we just close your garage door.

Electronic eyes

All new garage doors come with safety sensors that prevent the door from closing if someone or something is underneath. If an object breaks the beam of infrared light spanning the width of the door, the garage door will not close. And if something were to cross the sensor as the door is closing, it would cause the door to reverse direction and open up again. This is particular helpful to protect small children from being struck by the door.

Timers for closing

You can now buy timers that will automatically close the door after a period of time of being open. For example, one, five, or even ten minutes after it is open. The only hassle here is to remember to turn off the timer when you are working in the garage and would like it to remain open.

Power Outages

When the power goes out, you had to pull the release with old doors to be able to open them manually. Some newer garage door openers are equipped with a battery backup. This allows you to have access to your home and automobiles when the power is out.

Safety lighting

Exterior lights have also seen technology upgrades, and when placed next to your garage, can deter unwanted visitors.

If you are looking for new garage doors or just wanting to upgrade your technology, please give us at A Plus Garage Doors a call. We will be glad to come out and give you some affordable options to improve or replace your garage door and its systems. In Eastern Shore call us at 251 626-0773 and in South Baldwin County at 251 971-3331. We will be glad to come, meet you, and discuss options. We also do any type garage door repairs needed.


Carport versus Garage?

Carport versus Garage

You are only concerned about keeping your car out of the weather, a covered carport is all you may need. But a garage can offer so much more. From security to a great place to securely place tools and storage a garage is a great choice.

Here are some benefits of both type of structures


carport versus garage



  • Cost half as much as a garage
  • Parking your car in carport helps keep the sun from destroying your paint job over time
  • Your car will have plenty of ventilation in a carport
  • If your homeowner’s associates have not rule against this, you can build a carport from a kit with all the pieces to raise a metal structure in less than a day.


  • Most carports are just big enough to shelter your cars, so you won’t be able to set up your workbench or store anything in it. You really wouldn’t want to anyway, since there is no security in having a carport.
  • It won’t keep animals out either, so if you stored anything in it, it may be damaged by an unwelcomed critter.


carport bersus garage




  • With a good door lock, your garage will be a secure place to store many things. You can buy or build shelves and cabinets to utilize in your garage.
  • Because it has 4 walls it provides complete protection from sun. hail and wind.
  • Also it will keep animals out
  • It’s even possible that as your family grows, you may need to convert your garage into an extra room.


  • A quite bit more expensive than a carport
  • There are rules and codes to follow when building a garage. City building codes and fire safety regulations are in place for garages.

We hope you feel that once you review these pros and cons that you would agree with us that a garage offers so much more for you and your family. Plus, it offers better secure all the way around.

If you are considering a garage versus a carport, garage doors are a must. We at A Plus Garage Doors install new garage doors and everything needed to utilize them efficiently. We also can repair any existing garage doors you may have. Just give us a call in Eastern Shore at 251 626-0773 or in South Baldwin County at 251 971-3331. You can also visit our website at  to learn more about us and the products and services we offer.


How much should I pay for new garage doors



garage doors

You should pay between $500 to $800 to install a single garage door. It is been demonstrated that a do it yourselfer can usually tackle this project in a 9-hour period of time, whether as a professional in roughly 5 hours. Most housing experts would recommend that you use a professional for many reasons

  • It is a 2 person job
  • It requires advanced carpentry skills
  • And good knowledge of household electronic systems

Our cost breakdowns will be assessed using a garage door professional to complete this work.

When getting a quote, you should include the cost of a few different types of doors, any installation fees, and the cost of wiring the electronic openers. The coast of the doors will vary with material and style of doors you buy.

Doors are made of steel, aluminum, wood and fiberglass.

When buying a new door, a nice door will add curb appeal, but well -insulated doors also will help you save money in the summer and winter months. Most professional garage door installers  usually take 3 to 5 hours to remove old doors and motors and then to install the new door and motor. Remember as we stated above this is not an easy ‘Do It Yourself” job, it can be quite complex.

Here are some cost estimates

Typical Cost for installing garage doors

Low -End Estimate for 16’x7’ double doors: $800 installed, steel and non-insulated.

High-End Estimate for 16//’X7 double door: $5,000 installed, custom wood.

A typical estimate for this size garage doors using Steel is Low-End $800 for a non-insulated door and High-End $3,500 with a carriage house -style look

Steel is the most commonly used door simple because of its durability bad ease of maintenance, you will be adding cost of you add glass options to the door which could cost an additional 15%.

The same size doors in Aluminum Low-End would run $2000 to High -End $3,000

This material is found more often on contemporary homes.

When using Wooden garage doors for this same sixe the Low-End runs $800-$1000 and High-End runs $5,000


Wood is attractive but definitely not as durable as steel garage doors. Wood expands, contracts, and can warps time goes on. You should be prepared to repaint or refinish your wooden garage doors every 2 to 3 years.

Fiberglass door in the same size with run Low-End $2000 to High -End $3,5000

This material is less common but extremely durable.

You can use Composite Material as well for garage doors Low-End will run $1,200 to High-End $2,200 for this size door

All of these prices include installation.

There are additional charges as well.

Garage Door Openers can range from $250 to $25 installed.

Here are some reasons that you should use a professional garage door installer.

Professionals will:

Measure the size of the existing garage door and opening

Lower the existing door and remove the door panel

Disassemble the automatic garage door opener as well as its related components and wiring

Inspect the existing door, frame, making sure the proper hardware is in place

Level the new garage door by checking to see if the panel lines up properly with the floor

Replace the weather stripping as this tend to wear out over time

Installs hardware necessary for the proper function of the garage door

Attach the garage door panels, installs the hinges, cable, and spring, and rewires the automatic garage door opener.

Quite a long list. This is why a profession should do your work. We at A Plus Garage Doors offer excellent service and affordable prices for everyone living in Baldwin County. Please call us in Eastern Shore at 251 626-0773 and in South Baldwin County at 251 971-3331, we would be glad to come out and give you a free estimate as well as fix any issues you may be currently having with an existing door.





Garage Door Safety is Important

garage door safety


Garage door safety is important.

Your garage doors are important to your home. They provide security as well as, if attractive, add to the external street view of your home. Garage doors like everything in your home have a checklist to sure that they are maintained properly and are safe for you and your family.

Here are some features you need to be aware of as it pertains to you and your families safely utilizing your garage doors.



Eventually, all springs wear out and break, even high quality steel springs. This is something you should not try to fix on your own. It could be dangerous and cause injury. Have a garage door professional inspect and replace the springs,  if necessary.  If the door has two springs it is best to replace both. If the cables that attach the spring system to the bottom bracket on either side of the garage door are frayed or have worn strips hanging lose, your cables are in danger of breaking. Again have the cables immediately inspected by a garage door professional. Manual winding of a torsion spring during garage door installation or adjustment is extremely difficult and potentially dangerous.

Garage Door Openers

A faulty reversing mechanism on your garage door opener could cause damage to your car or even injure a child or pet that inadvertently gets caught in the path of the closing door. All automatic garage door openers manufactured and installed after 1991 are required by law to have a reversing mechanism. The reversing mechanism activated by contact can prevent most damage or injury caused by the door closing automatically. If your garage door opener is not functioning properly, you should have a garage door professional inspect it. The photo eyes that are connected to the bottom of the track and reverse the door when the infrared beam is broken, can easily if bumped or jarred become disabled. Be sure that your garage door opener has been attached to your door with an opener reinforcement bracket. If not installed properly this could cause damage to your doors.

Wall Control Panel

Be sure these are mounted out of reach of children.  Accidents can occur when children play with the wall control panel. You should mount this at least 5 feet above the door.

Access Code

Many homes have been burglarized by thieves using universal controls that will open your garage door by reading the access code in the opener. Having rolling code technology installed is another way to protect your home and family. This technology changes the code automatically after every use. Your garage door professional can explain how easy this is for you to use.

We at A Plus Garage Doors hope this information was helpful to you. If you are looking to have new garage doors installed, repaired, or upgrading your technology please give us a call. We offer experienced service at affordable prices. Please check out our website at to learn more about us. If you living in Eastern Shore, please call us at 251 626-0773 or if you live in South Baldwin County call us at 251 971-3331.


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