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When you are looking for a new garage door opener. There are several things you need to look for. We at A Plus Garage Doors hope this helps you find the best garage door opener.


  • Low noise. If you have a living space right above or adjacent to your garage, a belt-driven or direct-driven model is your best choice.
  • A keypad or touchpad for remote entry.This is a great feature. If this feature doesn’t come standard with the unit you chose, it can generally be added as an option.
  • Remote-control reliability. If you live in an area where the signal from your neighbors’ garage door opener interferes with your opener, then you need to look for a dual-frequency opener, which automatically switches between two frequencies to reduce interference.
  • Rolling-code security technology. Burglars have figured out how to steal your code to open your garage door, so this technology will help prevent this from happening. This technology selects a new, nonrepeating access code from billions of possibilities every time you use the remote control. This also keeps your neighbor’s remote control from accidentally opening your garage door.
  • Battery backup. This allows you to keep using your garage door opener during power outages; however, it’s a rare feature, included only on a few higher-end models. If you are not able to have a battery backup, your garage door opener should have a manual release that will let you open and close your garage door by hand if needed.
  • Overhead lights. Lights are standard equipment on all the garage door openers. Look for lights that you can control independently of the door’s opening or closing; some models also come with a motion sensor to automatically activate the lights when you’re in the garage.
  • Internet connectivity. Smart/connected homes are becoming a new thing recently. If you would like the ability to check on the status of your garage door (whether it is open or closed), or be able to open or close it remotely, a garage door opener that’s compatible with your Internet-connected controller is a great option. In most cases the compatibility will be built in, however you will need to obtain an Internet gateway to connect to your home’s network. Some models may have the gateway built in.


If you need help selecting a good garage door opener for your home, please call us at A Plus Garage Doors. Our knowledgeable technicians are always willing to help. We also have very affordable pricing. Please call us in Daphne at 251 626-0773, in Fairhope at 251 929-4515 and in Foley at 251 971-3331.

A New Garage Door Can Increase Your Home’s Value



New Garage Door

A new garage door ranks as one of the top five home improvement projects that generates the highest return on investment at resale, according to Remodeling magazine’s 2016 Cost vs, Value Report. Homeowners can expect to recoup 91.5 percent of their investment in a new garage door.

Ten years ago, garage doors didn’t rate as an important exterior design consideration, but that has changed. Today, the range of garage design and material options is almost endless, which means you can get a door that not only secures your home and enhances its curb appeal — it can improve its energy efficiency at the same time.

So you ask yourself, how do I buy a new garage door? This isn’t an item you just try on or have delivered to your home to just see how it looks with all your other décor.

We at A Plus Garage Doors can help you here. We represent many excellent manufacturers and can not only give you different styles and colors to choose from, but also can advise on which doors have the best curb appeal and can improve your home’s value the most.

Here are some tips when buying a new garage door.

How much do garage doors cost?

Once you figure out the look you’re going for, evaluate these popular garage door styles and see what fits your budget:

Aluminum garage door: Rust-resistant aluminum is ideal for humid, caustic environments. The average cost for a 16-by-7 double door: $1,500 to $2,000.

Steel garage door: Steel doors offer the broadest range of color, insulation, and price options. You can get anything from an entry level, single-layer, non-insulated door up to a premium three-layer, 2-inch polyurethane insulated door. The average cost for a 16-by-7 double door: $750 to $3,500.

Wood garage door: There’s no substitute for the distinctive look of wood. It’s typically made of moisture-resistant cedar, redwood or cypress and offers the most flexibility for custom designs. The average cost for a 16-by-7 double door made of quality wood: $1,200 to more than $4,000.

Composite wood garage door: A durable, low-maintenance material that looks like real wood, faux wood composite eliminates many of the drawbacks of natural material. It’s moisture-resistant. The average cost for a 16-by-7 double door: $1,200 to $2,20

Should you buy an insulated garage door?

Most garages aren’t heated, but your garage door still impacts your home’s energy efficiency. Construction materials and insulation technologies for garage doors have improved significantly over the last five to 10 years. Today’s doors provide a tighter seal against the façade to keep out the elements.

If your garage is attached to the house, your best bet is to purchase an insulated door, especially if there’s an occupied room above the garage. It will help reduce both noise and the utility bills.

Also, consider the direction your door faces. If it’s baking in the sun all day or getting blasted by the wind, an insulated door will better regulate the temperature inside.

What’s the safety factor for the garage door?

If you live in a high wind or hurricane-prone area, make sure your garage door can withstand the elements.

Because of their size, garage doors are more susceptible to wind damage than other exterior openings. Garage doors must have additional bracing, heavier gauge tracking and other necessary hardware to help keep them in place under extreme winds.

If you’re buying a new door, look for models that are “storm ready” with a built-in passive reinforcement system, which requires no advance set-up before a storm

What else do I need to know before buying a garage door?

If you’ve never purchased a garage door before, here are some common misconceptions:

  • Buying a garage door opener is a separate purchase — not included in the price of a new garage door. However, most garage door installation companies also sell openers.
  • Interested in carriage house doors, but think you lack the room for doors that swing open? Not to worry! Carriage-house style doors only look like they swing open. They actually move up and down on a standard track, just like every other garage door.
  • Be sure to ask if the cost of the garage door includes installation.

We at A Plus Garage Doors hopes this information helps when you are considering a new garage door. If you were to ask any of our customers, you would find that we are not only one of the most affordable garage door companies in Baldwin County, but also one that will advise you of the best options when either buying a new door or replacing one. Please call us in Eastern Shore at 251 626-0773 or in South Baldwin at 251 971-3331.

Baldwin County Alabama – A Great Place To Live

Baldwin County Alabama


We all know Baldwin County is a great place to live. But what do you really know about Baldwin County. We at A Plus Garage Doors would like to share some facts that we hope you will find interesting.

  • According to the 2015 estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of the County is 203,709
  • Baldwin County is the largest county in Alabama based on are. The county has a total area of 2,027 square miles, of which 1,590 square miles is land and 438 square miles is water. This makes Baldwin County larger than the state of Rhode Island.
  • The county is named after Senator Abraham Baldwin, even though he never lived in what is now Alabama
  • The county was established on December 21, 1809, ten years after Alabama became a state.
  • In the early days the town of McIntosh Bluff on the Tombigbee River was the first county seat. It was transferred to the town of Blakeley in 1810, and then to the city of Daphne in 1868. The Alabama legislature declared in an act in 1900, that the county seat be moved to its present location in Bay Minette. The city of Daphne resisted this relocation. To achieve the relocation, the men of Bay Minette devised a scheme. They fabricated a murder to lure the Sherriff and his deputy out of Daphne. While the law was chasing down the fictitious killer, a group of men from Bay Minette stole the County Courthouse records and delivered them to the city of Bay Monette.
  • The county is broken down to 6 regions- North Baldwin, Eastern Shore, Central Baldwin, South Baldwin, Southwest Baldwin, East Baldwin
  • It has 8 cities and 6 towns-  The cities are Bay Minette, Daphne, Fairhope, Foley, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Robertsdale, Spanish Fort. The towns are Elberta, Loxley, Magnolia Springs, Perdido Beach, Silverhill, Summerdale
  • There is one census-designated place Point Clear
  • There are 31 unincorporated areas and one Ghost Town of Blakeley
  • Two separate areas in Baldwin County have been designated as “Outstanding Alabama Water” by the Alabama Environmental Management Commission. These two areas are a portion of Wolf Bay and 42 miles of the Tensaw River. As of April 2007, only 2 other areas in Alabama have received what is the “highest environmental status” in the state.

We hope this information helped you learn a little bit about an awesome place to live. If you live or are moving to Baldwin County and need a new garage door or repairs on your existing door, we at A Plus Garage Doors have expert technicians to handle all your garage door needs. We also have the most affordable prices in the entire county.

Please call us in Eastern Shore at 251 626-0773 and in South Baldwin County at 251 971-3331.