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garage door installation Daphne, AL

Do you think you need garage door installation Daphne, AL? You may answer yes if your garage door is not working anymore or if you feel that your garage door has not been installed properly. You do not have to look far to find the right company to do it for you. We at A Plus Garage Doors will offer quality services so that you will be satisfied with what we can offer every time. We do not just provide garage door installation Daphne, AL, we also provide repairs, maintenance checking and other sorts of services for all of your garage door needs.

Our Repair Technicians

We are proud that our repair technicians are not just random people who have been hired for doing garage door installation Daphne, AL. We will know and detect the problem immediately and we will let you know about it so that you can continue doing your daily activities throughout the day. We encourage that the moment you start to see some problems with your garage door, contact us immediately so that the issues can still be fixed. This is better than waiting for the garage door to break down entirely. Of course, if you have chosen a new garage door, you can rely on us for your garage door installation Daphne, AL.

Detecting Issues

We would like to make sure that we will not only detect but fix any problem that may be related to your garage door. We like to keep you satisfied with the services that we offer which explains why we only provide the best. A lot of our customers are returning customers or are referred to us by previous clients. We know that it is your satisfaction that makes serving you worthwhile.

Contact Garage Door Contractor Daphne, AL

garage door contractor Daphne, AL

We believe that you only want a garage door contractor Daphne, AL that you trust for all of your garage door needs. Your garage door may have served you well but you would like to change it up and make it more appealing or perhaps, you would like to have it repaired because you were able to detect some problems.

Choosing the Right Garage Door

Aside from having highly skilled garage door contractor Daphne, AL as well as other garage door specialists, we also offer a wide variety of garage doors that can suit your different needs. We have a team of certified technicians that will help you in making choices. We have traditional doors if you want the look of your home to remain classic. We also offer some modern looking garage doors that can best fit the modern home. If you choose to have energy efficient doors, we also have a selection of that available.

Special Offers

We have some special offers that you can just ask from our garage door contractor Daphne, AL and all our other specialists. Just let us focus on handling all of your garage door needs. Why do you need to feel stressed over your garage door when we can fix it immediately? We offer senior citizen discounts as well as military discounts. Simply let us know about it and we will provide the discount that you deserve.

There is a good reason why a lot of our customers are referred to us by past clients. It is not only because of our garage door contractor Daphne, AL but also because of our professional and friendly service that will be hard to find elsewhere. We are always waiting to hear from you. Simply contact us so we can start assessing your garage door issues.

Professional Garage Door Openers Daphne, AL You Can Hire

garage door openers Daphne, AL

We are proud to say that aside from our professional garage door openers Daphne, AL, we make sure that we also offer a wide range of garage doors for your residential or commercial property. Whether you need the right garage door for your house, your commercial building, commercial parking space and even shopping malls, we know that we can offer the right garage doors that will fit.

Our Expert Crew

We take pride in our crew who all can be considered experts in the field. Aside from their ability to give you all the details and information you may possibly need about garage doors, they perform other services too which include being professional garage door openers Daphne, AL. They can also do installation of the garage door that you have chosen. If you would like an energy efficient garage door, this will be shown to you as well. We make sure that all of our crew members are worthy employees of A Plus Garage Doors.

Efficient Garage Door Service

We understand that the time may come when you need garage door openers Daphne, AL at the most unexpected times. It may happen when it is very early in the morning or it may also occur late at night when you may assume that nothing wrong is going to happen. We do not want you to wait for hours in front of your garage door to have it opened. You can contact our garage door openers Daphne, AL and you will be given the proper service that you need.

Are you interested in hiring our garage door openers Daphne, AL? Perhaps you like to know more about the things that we can offer. You can simply contact us so we can inform you more of the services that we can provide for you. We can help solve your garage door problems now.

High End Garage Doors

high end garage doors


We at A Plus Garage Doors have been serving the residents of Baldwin County for many years. We only install and repair garage doors in Baldwin County and have 3 convenient locations to handle your needs. We would like to give some information on the Top High End Garage Doors available for you to choose from if high end doors are what you are looking for.

  • Hormann Rollmatic Garage Door

This product is made in the UK. They have proven to be a worldwide innovator in garage door technology. They spend a great deal of time on detail.

  • Trento by Silvelox

This is an Italian product. It trademark is a two-tier overlapping system that takes up less space than a traditional garage door. Watching the door open and close will amaze you.

  • Overhead Door Signature Carriage Collection

You will get the look of a carriage house with this custom wood sectional garage door. They are based out of Texas. They combine fancy woodwork with reliable garage door technology.

  • Avante Collection From Clopay

Combining glass with a sturdy aluminum frame gives this door a distinctly modern look. The glass can be customized to allow different level of light to come through.

  • Wayne Dalton Classic Steel Garage Door Collection

This is one or the more economical options available in the high end garage door group. This collection has a traditional design with extra options for windows and customizable metalwork.

  • BP Glass Garage Doors Hurricane Line

This BP Glass Garage Door has been approved by Miami- Dade County in Florida for hurricane requirements. Besides being durable, its elegant glasswork is unique.

  • Athena By Martin Garage Doors

This is another door that combines glass with metal. It excels in its simple, modern design and durable construction. There is plenty of room to also customize the colors, transparencies, and dimensions.

  • Eden Coast Composite Garage Doors

If you are looking for an eco-friendlier garage door, these doors are made from composite material that is lightweight, durable, and greener than other building materials.

  • Reclaimed/Vintage garage Doors from Carriage House Door Company

They build you a custom reclaimed/vintage garage door using found materials from old barns. Sometimes modern building materials simply can’t achieve the rustic quality look.

  • Dynamic Garage Door Eco-Alternate Collection

This is also a green alternative. They have achieved the look and feel of authentic hard wood and steel, but in a more environmentally friendly package.


We hope this information was helpful. Please remember we at A Plus Garage Doors have 3 convenient locations to serve you. In Daphne call 251 626-0773, in Fairhope call 251 929-4515, and in Foley call 251 971-3331. We will gladly come to your home and show you options available for new garage doors as well as handle all your garage door repairs.



Your Garage Door is Important

Your  garage door


Your Garage door is the one of the most important parts of our houses and probably the most forgotten parts as well. Actually which part of your home is given the most care? Well the answer is the rooms inside your home. But what about the external part? This part of your home is the most noticed. People pass by and are attracted by the external look and the landscape. Without a great curb appeal they may feel that your interior is not appealing as well. They won’t enter your house and look at your designing of the internal house, they will prejudge how the house looks inside by seeing the exterior only. What you probably did not realize is your garage door is a big piece of this exterior look. The garage door is one of the parts of your house which will be most seen, because of its location and the size of the garage it is securing.

Why is my garage door important? Well there are 2 big reasons. One, it can add to the curb appeal which equates to an increase in property value. And secondly, without it your home and many expensive items are in danger of being stolen or vandalized. Also manty of us secure one of our main entrances by having only the garage door closed and not even locking the door that we enter through the garage.

Also for the safety of you and your family this item needs to be operating properly at all times. With you and your children entering and exiting through this door many times during the day, you cannot afford for it to not work properly. It is a heavy item and you cannot chance it closing by accident when one of your small children are entering the garage from the driveway.

We at A Plus Garage Doors service exclusively the entire Baldwin County area. We can not only show you a huge selection of garage doors to improve the external look of your home, but have the latest in garage door accessories. We also have the most affordable garage door repair prices in the county.

Please call us at 251 626-0773 in Daphne, or 251 929-4515 in Fairhope, or 251 971-3331 in Foley. We assure you we will answer the phone and be prepared to answer all your garage door questions

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